Month: April 2006

More Hektor

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Imagine a horror film about an insane ventriloquist who believes that his possessed dummy is not in fact talking, and that he must speak for it.

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It’s the business model for Web 2.0: GBBG – Get Bought By Google

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Copyright Culture (Remixed)

Copyright Culture (Remixed) Who has the right to borrow, copy, cut, reproduce and remix what, under which circumstances and according to whom? Copyright, Culture (Remixed) is a series of volumes of short films that looks at the impact that increasingly

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Remixed Reading

Remix Reading is hosting a unique art exhibition in the Riverside Museum at Blake’s Lock for the weekend of Friday 28th – Sunday 30th April, open from 10am-4pm.The exhibited artists won our competition that asked artists to remix either the

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NEWSgrist – where spin is art: Artists’ Rights or Copyright Extremism? Miro Estate vs. Google

NEWSgrist – where spin is art: Artists’ Rights or Copyright Extremism? Miro Estate vs. Google I meant to blog this but Joy does it better. Moral Rights seem a very important concept to reconcile with Stallmanian Freedom (or Fair Use),

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Polite have done an excellent job printing postcards of “belgrade (for manik)”, from the series “1969”. Email me and I’ll send you a few (rob at robmyers dot org). I -er- forgot to put the Creative Commons licence on the

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Slogan For A T-Shirt

A relational artist says that I’m with stupid

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Relational Aesthetics (The Institutional Theory + Suspension of Judgement – Radical Commitment) [via Rhizome RAW]

The trained seal of approval that is Relational Aesthetics (The Institutional Theory + Suspension Of Judgement – Radical Commitment) is unlikely to get its coat based on the chinstroking of Octoberistas. Pointing out that there is someone behind the curtain

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I, for one, welcome our new net.prick overlords. [Via Rhizome RAW]

There’s a case to be made that the volume and duration of postings [by a mailer script that accidentally flooded the Rhizome RAW mailing list with spam] makes the work sculpture. That their transgression makes them interrogative of unexamined

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