ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog: Media: John K’s Storyboard For Stimpy’s Invention

Note: this post is tagged free culture but the images in the link are not free. 

“Stimpy’s Invention” is a very funny episode of “Ren and Stimpy”, the cartoon show that launched the postmodern cartoon genre before being ruined by a change of creative team.
The storyboards are the source code for the cartoon. Well, one of the source codes: the pencil rough animation would be something to see as well. If you’re familiar with the episode you can see its the lyrical rhythm and flow even in these still images. And if you’re not familiar with it, then you still can. 🙂
These are beautiful drawings, and it is a privilege to be able to see them. Which is a shame, as there are so many drawings that we do not have that privilege for.