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Open Origami

Via Alex:

Origami Tesselations

CC-licensed origami patterns. Which I assume are copyrightable. 🙂

Their flicker presence is cool as well: 

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It’s a hard question, really, on whether the actual origami pattern itself is something that can be copyrighted, and I don’t have a good answer on that one. People’s opinions vary widely based on the angle they are coming from- oldschool “artists” want to treat them exactly like musical works, with royalties and licensing permissions and so on. Others would say that while the printed diagrams can be copyrighted, the actual process of folding cannot- patented, perhaps, but not a copyright issue.
I don’t know the answer, but I do know that giving away the things I think of under a CC license lets me know they are able to be used by people without being abused for profit (unlikely but hey, whatever.) Oddly enough, though, I find that most people get scared off by the license talk, rather than realizing it’s a formalized way of saying “here, it’s free, spread it everywhere”. So I guess there’s some things to be done in making that more user-friendly.
Thanks for the link! I’m a big fan of many of the blogs and people linked on the right, here, so this is really a pleasure!
-Eric Gjerde

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