Crap Comedy On The BBC


The comic equivalent of pulling your pants down, sitting on the photocopier, and breaking it.


“So we’re not going to get another series of Red Dwarf until they do the film. Which isn’t going to happen. So let’s copy Red Dwarf. What is Red Dwarf about?”

“Well, boss. It’s a group of slobbish English people on a starship a million light years from earth some time after the end of the world who make a series of classic science fiction scenarios comic due to their ineptness and personality defects.”

“So that’s a group of slobbish English people on a starship, their ineptness and their personality defects. Right, film it!”

The Comic Side Of Seven Days

Smug failure to amuse or shock from people you’d punch if you met them at a dinner party, but are unlikely to because you’re not usually invited to the same dinner parties as bourgeois RADA refugees on the BBC comedy equivalent of the Restart scheme.

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