Month: February 2006

An Interesting Question From have a questionnaire for artists at the moment. One of the questions is “Have you ever used a CC work without incorporating it into your work? E.g. listened to CC licensed music” Is this free-software-style concept of “use” of

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Geek Aesthetics 5

In Soviet Russia, social realism paints you! Artist steals body parts to cast as sculpture. Jailarity ensues.

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Media Mutandis: a NODE.London Reader

Media Mutandis:  a NODE.London Reader(edited by Marina Vishmidt, with Mary Anne Francis, Jo Walsh and LewisSykes) is out in early March 2006 Publisher: NODE.LondonISBN:  0-9552435-0-5Pages: 300, Paper PerfectboundPrice:  5 UKP/6 USD/7 EUR NODE.London [Networked, Open, Distributed, Events. London] is

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What Would Nixon Do?

I just got “Endtroducing” and “Zoolook” in the post. Zoolook I’ve heard before, Endtroduing is new (I was an UNKLE fan though). Add this to my Utah Saints records, some Negativland and DJ Sooky, and I’m having a sampletastic time

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Thought For The Day

The food industry don’t try to stop you making snacks. The sex industry don’t try to stop you making love. So why are the content industry trying to stop you making music?

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Business Insultant

An individual should focus on their core competences to provide best value. This is their unique value proposition. If we look at the most prominent value adding individuals in business and the media, their most striking feature is their rudeness.

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Career-Building Bullshit That Cares

…the ideals of engagement and social effect are often the journalistic or administrative sentiments of art world redemptiveness. Career-building bullshit that cares. – Art and Language (letter to Artmonthly, Sept/Oct 2000). So much for Adorno. And art as an instrument

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Forum On Open Content | Tom Chance’s website

The excellent Tom Chance on Free Culture: Forum On Open Content | Tom Chance’s website

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Commons Knowledge

This is the first issue of Free Culture UK’s new fortnightly newsletter.Please pass this on to others who might be interested. To get your upcomingevents, hot news or event reviews in add them to the relevant wiki page.Feel free to

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Pirate vs. Ninja (2)

A ninja ambushes a pirate in a hail of shuriken. The pirate ducks behind a mast, blocking the shuriken, as his parrot flies at the ninja squawking obscenities.The ninja reaches for his nunchaks to dispatch the parrot, and the pirate

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