Generative Art

Notes From Harold Cohen’s Essays

Notes from “What is an image”

Appendix 2 in particular…

AARON keeps a list of co-ordinates for each figure as it is drawing it,

and can access this should very precise intersection be required.

That version of AARON has a maximum of 32 figures.

It marks line cells in various ways. Outline, shading, dividing line &c.

this kind of rich information might be good to keep.

Notes from “How To Draw 3 People…”

p9 for drawing speed, tighness, sampling rate rules.

Skeletons are mapped into the matrix as marked cells.

Do figurative drawings still use ntermediate destinations?

Notes From “Further Adventures”

Finished outlines are closed. All contained cells are claimed by the figure.

Matrix resolution is set by (hi-res) monitor resolution, eg 1280 x 1024

The “did not seem to be anything on the shelf” quote is from here.

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