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A something-drawing


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5 replies on “A something-drawing”

Very nice! I like these simple shapes very much, I hope you are keeping this in revision control so that old versions can be found again.
Are your colours still random? I remember from his essays that Cohen finds brightness more important than colour.
I like this quote about brightness vs colour by Mary Hallock-Greenewelt:
“In this art they, the darknesses and brightnesses, constitute the woof
of the play. They carry a chief burden of the transmitted feeling.
They also tend to make a oneness out of more than one colour, or
colours, simultaneously produced.”

Yes there’s bone-like shapes.
And also whole thing have something funy which I find
find important for art.I meen,funy’s how those
shapes faling down.

Heya Alex.
Yes it’s all in CVS at SourceForge:
The colours are random, but as someone pointed out in another comment when you have several random numbers (3 in this case for hue, saturation and brightness) they will tend to converge towards the middle. I’m working on a colour choosing system, and Harold Cohen’s essay “The Further Adventures of AARON, Painter” is helping.
I like the Mary Hallock-Greenwelt quote.

Thanks for the reply rob, interesting.
But oh dear, we’ve done Mary a disservice by both misspelling her name in different ways.
The correct spelling is: Mary Hallock-Greenewalt
If you have a way of editing my comments I’d appreciate a correction. Thanks!

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