Month: January 2006

Free Culture Roundup

Stupid registration required link from the American version of The Times that is about something interesting to do with theatre and copyrifght expansionism but I now can’t remember what. I’m sure it’s worth going to Bugmenot to get a password


The weblog “Apologen: Anekdotes met een beethe moraal”: A Rhizome discussion thread on draw-something: Technorati Tags: generative art

Free Culture Roundup

vectorizeme vs julian opie The BNP’s Plymouth organiser Graham Green said party members had been handing out leaflets on behalf of the Christian campaign. He said the “Christian majority” was being discriminated against because a similar show about a

Free Culture Roundup

Madhav Sharma, an actor in the sabotaged 2004 production of Behzti (Dishonour) by Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti has written an impassioned account of his experience. The courts eventually found in favor of Francine, awarding her sole custody of the Cousteau

Second Commons

Transcript of Lessig’s talk in Second Life (via BoingBoing): Second Life Creative Commons License Generator: Second Life Free Culture Group: “Free Culture”, the group created for reserving seats at the Lessig event, will continue on, running in-world events

draw-something 0.4 and 0.5

draw-something 0.4 will draw on a number of classic AI applications for its structure whilst building on the existing code and drawing style. AARON Harold Cohen, Tate Gallery, 1983, ISBN 0905005392 The drawing will consist of a series of figures,

Goodbye Fair Use, Hello “Customary Historic Use”?

This sounds even worse than “fair dealing”: Big Content would like to outlaw things no one has even thought of yet The thinking behind the term “customary historic use” is pure newspeak, a real ‘talking point’. Who can argue against

Project Plan For 2006

Jan – draw-something Feb – website redevelopment, Open Score, remixes March – remixes April – remixes, minara May – draw-something June – remixes July – minara August – minara 0.1 release at end of month The April minara work will

Art And Cognition

Interdisciplines is an organisation that aims to link the humanities with the cognitive sciences and their latest online conference focuses on art and cognition. Hyman’s paper is notable as it criticises the current trend of suggesting that adequate theories


A reference card for the SLIME Lisp system, derived from the Emacs reference card. In TeX format with derived PDF. Click here to download. Technorati Tags: lisp