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Cool colour analysis generative art in Flash, via Generator.x:

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Does an extracted palette count as a derivative of a painting?

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that’s an excellent question. i often wonder whether color palette sampling is related to the sampling of music. is there a dependency between the two? although there is a parent-child relationship between the original painting and the color palette, i intentionally selected color analytic algorithms that will act as a strong foundation for the natural evolution of the palettes. eg., in the near future, if you’re looking at a rothko palette, you will also see diamonds (the weighted mean) representing other rothko paintings, all interconnected. using a new set of algorithms, for fun, i will be able to predict what palette rothko would have choosen next. this new palette becomes the grandchild. as another example, eventually, you’ll be able to click and drag the diamond around to adjust the color values, however, it will use the same color mixing approach that the original artist used. finally, because these palettes are downloadable in formats compatible with flash, processing and after effects, they can easily be used to create entirely new works of art.
i hope that answers your question. thanks for sharing the site.
drew trujillo

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