Month: December 2005

Macca On Creativity And Originality

"Front Row", BBC Radio 4, Monday 26th December 2005.Paul McCartney: ... But from the very earliest days of writing songs we would always think 'wait a minute, that's from West Side Story, we can't have that'. So we'd have to just switch it, and just say, erm, y'know, sort of, whatever the melody was, turn…
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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!This post is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, so you can modify it to refer to whichever seasonal holiday you like. The humour-challenged should note that these two sentences make the post substantial and original enough to copyright and that this post therefore can be CC licensed, so there.Technorati Tags: free culture,…
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Draw Something Online

I've been trying to hack up a version of draw-something to run in a web page. ABCL is a Java Lisp interpreter that will load and run draw-something more or less unmodified, but it's either too slow or the mathematics handling is too different and I can't debug that.So I'm going to take a leaf…
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Top Ten Simple Electronic Circuits stuff.Technorati Tags: electronics
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New Rhizome Site Design Launch

The excellent Rhizome have a new site design: it a go.Technorati Tags: generative art
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Space Art've a number of projects for the ISS if they're interested. :-)Technorati Tags: aesthetics, art, space
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More “Compatibility”

The hard sell on "compatibility":,300,p1.html?trk=nlCC's response to criticisms of the proposed BY-SA/FDL backdoor: Tags: free culture
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Against Meta-Licensing proposal, to declare multiple licenses "compatible" with the Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-Sharealike license (BY-SA) in a kind of meta-license came out a few weeks after the FDL backdoor was proposed on the license-discuss list.Again, it is a bad idea for a number of reasons.These Licenses Have Major Incompatibilities In Intent and Effect.The proposal mentions…
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Against BY-SA/FDL “Compatibility”

Arguments Against The BY-SA FDL Backdoor.Creative Commons will soon be starting the final discussion on version 3.0 of their Attribution-Sharealike (BY-SA) license. This may include a clause that allows derivatives of BY-SA works to be re-licenced under the GNU Free Documentation License as used by Wikipedia.There is no legal case against CC allowing BY-SA derivatives…
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Various Cool Lisp Stuff - Graphics and utilities. - Utilities, graphs and a documentation system. - Dynamic website system in portable Lisp. - Lisp in a box. Good starter Lisp system. - Lisp Gardeners. A new community making Lisp more accessible.Technorati Tags: lisp
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