Month: October 2005

Double Negative

Science shouldn’t use copyright to silence Creationists

This is exactly the sort of thing we’ve been talking about on fc-uk-discuss at the moment. Copyright being used to prevent criticism that you don’t agree with. Or to prevent misrepresentation. Or to prevent downright lies by fanatical idiots: Cory

Lisp Logos

Click on the alien for Lisp logos by Conrad Barski. Technorati Tags: lisp

Drawings From Photos on Flickr

Joining the flock of blogs reporting this, here’s a cool flickr group of drawings from photos: eyehand Technorati Tags: drawing

A Free Board Game

A beautiful and entertaining board game to download from Remix Reading: Monster Mash Board Game Best of all it’s Free, being under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike licence. Games are a classic example for “open sourcing”: people can improve the rules

Data Browser

Review of Data Browser These books look good, but I can’t read them because Autonomedia didn’t complete my order and haven’t answered any emails on the subject. So don’t try to buy them from Autonomedia if you can possibly help


Reports and photos for dorkbotlondon 32: dorkbot Chris O’Shea barrapunto (Spanish)

Cool Drawing Programs Book

I’ve ordered a copy of this wonderful-looking book and CD of drawing programs by John F. Simon: Mobility Agents Technorati Tags: art, generative art

The NonCommercial Fallacy Three

“I don’t mind other people using my work but if they make money off it I want my cut.” Let’s say that Linkin Park sample your ShareAlike music. I can’t see their record label saying “sure, make the track ShareAlike,

The Logic Alphabet

Ultimately via DataIsNature: The Logic Alphabet