Pataphysics Is The Science

The bestest quote on ‘Pataphysics is by Jack Kerouac:

I even plunge into all the books and magazines around, I read up on “Pataphysics and yell contemptuously in the lamplight ” “T’sa’n intellectual excuse for facetious joking, ” throwing the magazine away, adding ‘Peculiarly attractive to certain shallow types”

– Big Sur.

Where’s Rob?

I’m busy working on Minara and other projects at the moment but I will be getting to London this weekend and next to get to two Free Culture events:

Free Culture UK Congress

Open Congress

Minara Commit

Because I always forget:

export CVS_RSH=ssh

cvs -d:ext:[email protected]:/cvsroot/minara commit -m “Commit message.”

“the land-of-Cockayne of Cultural Studies…”

Technical difficulties trace all manner of lives lived, and their material circumstances. They are all but invisible from the land-of-Cockayne of Cultural Studies, and from the professionalised production in its thrall (academic art), which makes none but the smartest of moves.


Brilliant discussion of Paul Graham’s programming style in his classic book “ANSI Common Lisp“:

Graham Crackers

Good book of practical Lisp techniques and tricks:

The Common Lisp Cookbook

Lisp for hot programming topics:

Practical Common Lisp

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Baudie On Art

Via the deeply necessary NewsGrist:

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Open Source Architecture

From Haque:


Archfarm Article

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Fake Haunting Induction

Via Boing Boing:


I wish I could get to this and take a sketchbook…

Zeitgeist-wise, between this and that artist doing a channeling show in LA it’s time to dust off SPAR, the Society for Paranormal Aesthetic Research. Where’s my ELF meter?

Time Machine Parts

Time Machine Parts


Orange, the CC-licensed Blender movie, is ramping up pre-production and looking good. The project now has a blog and you can pre-order the DVD. I used to use the example of DVD extras for animation as something that should be Free. Orange is providing source materials and even the code they write for effects.


Now if I can just persuade Paramount to make Star Trek Free then all of my examples will be actual. 🙂

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