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Copy, Rip, Burn

Free, Libre, Open Culture

Showcasing art/film/music inspired by the Libre Manifesto. Due to be unveiled in late 2005. Contributions from Artists, Authors, Filmmakers and Musicians and to be toured in Galleries internationally end 2006-2008

Work can either be based on a single section of the manifesto or more generally inspired by the entire text. We particularly welcome work that uses the text of the manifesto in interesting ways, in effect deriving art from the text-work.

The Project

The aim is to allow both the project itself and the artworks to be decentred in production. You are welcomed to sign up to the mailing list at

or even start your own to work collaboratively. Create Wiki pages to develop this project and to help manage it as they are needed.

The format as unspecified but naturally it seems logical that free formats would be better.

Theora for Film

Ogg for Sound

HTML and freely sharable dynamic graphics plug-ins.

Player for the above format are the excellent VLC

All work submitted will be released under the



CRB List of Projects

More info as the project develops on

Copyleft info from

Mailing list:

The manifesto can be downloaded from

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