Oh, The Horror!
The guitar on “Dominion” by The Sisters of Mercy is the same as the first notes of “The Big Sky” by Kate Bush.
Oh, the horror!


CC Star Charts
Via Boing Boing :


BY-NC-SA. NC, grumble, grumble.

Star charts are probably at the limit of what you can copyright, being mere collections of facts, but this is a selective chart (cutting off at magnitude 7).

Whatever Happened To AI?
Asks Newscientist, via Mindhacks:


Anyone who thinks AI is dead hasn’t played a computer game, watched news reports form warzones, or used a credit card recently. And they’re certainly not a chess player.

Inkscape Scripting
Page on scripting Inkscape in Python:


Art & Language
Show on now, another in May:

Now They Are Surrounded

Stay Free
Article on Free Software for digital artists:

Stay Free.

Canto, at Remix Reading :

Canto (For Evie)

Canto (For Gabrielle)

Canto (For Liam)

Canto (For Liam, Version)

Canto (For Me)

Canto (For Tom)

I’ll upload the images to Ourmedia and to this site later. The source image comes from Remix Reading, so I’m uploading there first.

MTAA Software Art

“Two software programs are created. Program A creates ?art data? which is transmitted to program B. Program B is programmed in such a way that it has aesthetic criteria with which it evaluates Program A?s art data transmissions. The human witness doesn?t view the art data, but Program B responds to the art data in a way that is discernible by the human witness. “

Kinda like a negative Turing test. A guy at Middlesex did unseen computer art before I was there, but this is a step beyond that. The producer/consumer pair reminds me of ae from rob-art, which was based on ideas from Algorithmic Aesthetics.

Lessig & Tweedy Talk