Month: March 2005

Two Worlds And Inbetween (Still Not There Yet)

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Perfect Day

I slept in until midday, then went for a ride out through Peterborough on my bike. Heading back into town I picked up the new New Order CD, had a hot chocolate at Cafe Nero, then went for a walk

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One definition of a random system is one that cannot be more concisely described than giving a complete account of it.Aesthetics may require a complete account of (human) consciousness to account for it. Aesthetics would therefore be random in this

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New Order: Waiting For The Sirens’ Call

Very, very good. Some guitar, some synth, some nods to classic New Order songs, some side-project riffs, some awkward lyrics, and some songs that you’ll be haunted by before they hit their first chorus. Much, much better than “Get Ready”,

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New Doctor Who : Episode 1 “Rose”

I’d give the first episode of the new Dr.Who a “B”. The next episode looks much better. The production quality is high for the BBC. Billie Piper makes a very effective companion (yes, really). Christopher Ecclestone makes a semi-convincing Doctor,

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Two Worlds And Inbetween (Getting Started)

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Monochrome Landscapes

Via : I like this for two reasons. Firstly I’ve a soft spot for landscape, and I always like to see someone who takes the idea of a contemporary landscape seriously. Secondly, it’s simple but effective use of

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My sheep from “Inbetween Cities” were added to the Sheep’s Parade 🙂 :

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A CC-licensed (BY-2.0) postgraduate journal: I picked up a print copy at WOW2. Highly recommended.

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Remix Reading Competition

RR are running a remix competition, prizes include getting your music included on a future Loca Records compilation: Click here for the competition.

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