Two Worlds And Inbetween (Still Not There Yet)

Perfect Day
I slept in until midday, then went for a ride out through Peterborough on my bike. Heading back into town I picked up the new New Order CD, had a hot chocolate at Cafe Nero, then went for a walk by the river. After wandering through fields and trees for a while stumbled across a sculpture garden with a Caro and some Gormleys in. This set me thinking, and I scribbled away feverishly on various artistic ideas.
The napkin my notes were on disappeared on the way home but I reconstituted the notes in my notebook. Hopefully I didn’t lose any ideas. Then I put a stew in the oven for later, and blogged for a while.
All in all a perfect day. Life, nature, music, art, food, and no hassle.
Bliss. πŸ™‚

One definition of a random system is one that cannot be more concisely described than giving a complete account of it.
Aesthetics may require a complete account of (human) consciousness to account for it. Aesthetics would therefore be random in this sense. But randomness would not, of itself, be aesthetic…

New Order: Waiting For The Sirens’ Call
Very, very good.

Some guitar, some synth, some nods to classic New Order songs, some side-project riffs, some awkward lyrics, and some songs that you’ll be haunted by before they hit their first chorus.

Much, much better than “Get Ready”, and much better than the more anally retentive reviewers have hinted. This will be your summer and your autumn, too.

Highly recommended.

Try for a fan site with lots of listening and reading resources.

New Doctor Who : Episode 1 β€œRose”
I’d give the first episode of the new Dr.Who a “B”. The next episode looks much better.

The production quality is high for the BBC. Billie Piper makes a very effective companion (yes, really). Christopher Ecclestone makes a semi-convincing Doctor, capturing his levity without his underlying gravity. I’m sure he’ll grow into the role, and despite losing his footing when first facing the villain of the piece he is surprisingly affecting when the confrontation strikes a personal note.

The only real problem is the terrible incidental music. I’m sure some people will find the plot silly, but it’s no sillier than the average Star Trek plot, and surprisingly evocative (blink and you’ll miss the Doctor recount the entire history of the star-spanning Auton war and his part in it). It’s pitched at kids, just like the original Dr. Who (which people always seem to forget). Tom & friends were raving about it. So the target audience have been hit.

Favourite line:

Rose: “If you’re an alien, how come you sound like you’re from the North?”
Doctor: “Lots of planets have a North!”

Recommended. Just don’t tell anyone I watched this and liked it. πŸ˜‰

Two Worlds And Inbetween (Getting Started)

Monochrome Landscapes
Via :

I like this for two reasons. Firstly I’ve a soft spot for landscape, and I always like to see someone who takes the idea of a contemporary landscape seriously. Secondly, it’s simple but effective use of graphics (and code) rather than algorithmic one-upmanship. The result is something that is situated within and extends the story of art.

My sheep from “Inbetween Cities” were added to the Sheep’s Parade πŸ™‚ :

A CC-licensed (BY-2.0) postgraduate journal:

I picked up a print copy at WOW2. Highly recommended.

Remix Reading Competition
RR are running a remix competition, prizes include getting your music included on a future Loca Records compilation:

Click here for the competition.