Month: February 2005

Flood Fill

The algorithm that draw-something uses to outline object skeletons is basically a wall-following pathfinding algorithm such as a simple maze-running robot might use. I didn’t just use an algorithm “off the shelf”, I painstakingly developed one myself. For draw-something’s painting

Moment Of Algorithmic Art Nerdishness

Up came the channel ident on the television. A hand-drawn looking line snaked around the channel logo at the top right corner of the screen. “My algorithm does that!” I exclaimed. Then caught myself. 🙂

Remix Reading Launch Party

Be there or be square. Due to my current situation I’m going to have to be square. 🙁 But they’re showing some of my work, apparently. 🙂

Harold Cohen Article At The Franz Lisp Site “Programming gives me the power to work on a higher level of abstraction than painting does, ” he [Cohen] emphasizes. “It’s as if I work on the level of the platonic ideal, while the paintings the program generates are

CNUK Restore

CNUK had a server crash. I’ve restored my page there. And I’ve added some comments on the CNUK social contract.

Quick Check

This is just a quick check to see whether Elaine is *really* reading this site. ;-P

Art Computing

Kazushi Mukaiyama’s course is called “Art Computing”, so it’s not a term I’ve created. 🙂

Airport Extreme Card

I got a wireless card for my iBook. It’s easy enough to fit, but routing the net connection through the machine that is connected to the net took some fiddling with the firewall, and too many passwords. This isn’t the

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

Songs to listen to after the end of a ten-year relationship should probably go something like: “It’s so cold in this house… Like drinking poison, like eating glass.” So ‘Silent Alarm’ by Bloc Party is ideal for me just now.

I’m Blogging This

So it’s coming up to 10am and the removal men have almost packed everything that’s going. Evie’s over at her new house with the Nag Champa that I bought her. Helping her move out has been like digging my own