Untitled – Making a start
Screengrab from Illustrator of characters for a graphic novel that I started sketching out some five years ago. These characters (and the project) don’t have a name so it’s hard to refer to them, but the one on the left is the main character and we never really get to meet the one on the right.

One Hundred Percent Surface
Sound and images with no depth, only surface. Like the Mandelbrot set…

One Hundred Percent Surface.

Site Update
I’ve updated this weblog to register on technorati and to work with Firefox/Mozilla’s Live Bookmarks (via homepage.mac.com, not robmyers.wpengine.com :-/).

Seeing the links to this blog on other sites is embarrassing: iBlog generates very long URLs. Not as bad as WebObjects, but still not really human-usable. Maybe I should switch to bloxsom. Or something. I did have my own blog generating script, but it seems silly to continue reinventing the wheel by updating that.

Explor Again

One more procedure and I’ve a complete mini-explor implementation. Then I just need to write a script to compile user programs, make a build/install script, and bundle it up.

Here’s the semi-hemisphere example from the original article run using my implementation:

Flash Math Creativity
Another site that I missed mentioning this blog recently is the excellent dataisnature.

I didn’t realise that the author of dataisnature was one of the contributors to Flash Math Creativity, now in a second edition updated to use the new Flash ActionScript syntax. I found the first edition an inspiration, the sort of thing I wish I’d had when I was learning to program art (and teaching others to program art).
Each chapter features a series of simple but engaging algorithmic art projects, beautifully illustrated, with full code and explanations. It’s directed at Flash users, but if you can understand JavaScript it’s easy to transfer the ideas to Processing, which is probably better for pure generative work.

Creative Communism
Pause to remember that Copyleft isn’t Communism, then view the image below and laugh your backside off:

Creative Commies

via the ever reliable Boing Boing.

Alain Badiou
Badiou’s philosophy and aesthetics look like a refreshing change from the narcissism of postmodernist textual fetishism:

Handbook of Inaesthetics

Theoretical Writings

Books By RSS
Via Chris Double, programmer extraordinaire:

Books By RSS

This is the kind of use of technology that overly restrictive licensing will prevent people who want to make money making money from. 🙂

CC Reblogged Me :-)
I missed this. CC mentioned the Perdition remix contest when I linked to it, and they linked back to me:


Thanks guys.

The CC weblog is an amazing resource. Well worth a place in your RSS reader:


And if you can spare any money at all, do help support CC. They are doing an excellent job, and their t-shirts are cool 🙂 :


Remix (1993)
Examples of a series of image remixes that I made in 1993. The sources were images in galleries that allowed photography at the time, paintings by friends, and photographs of party scenes. I thought I’d lost these but I managed to rescue them from some old floppy disks.