Month: January 2005

Canto (For Evie)

“Canto (For Evie)”, Copyright © 2005 Rob Myers, Tom Chance. This image is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA-2.0).These are shapes autotraced from a posterised PNG and re-arranged. Original colours. There’s so much potential even in just a single

Think Of The Creators!

“Intellectual Property” is of course about rewarding the creative geniuses behind cultural works, not about paying the middle-men and hangers-on. This why the record industry in the UK are so upset that songs from 50 years ago, including the beginning

Metaphors That Don’t Hold Water

I’m a big fan of Boing Boing, and I want to be Cory Doctorow when I grow up, but I’m sorry to say that the metaphors in his interview here ring false: Well, locomotives didn’t require horseshoes. You know, the

Kazushi Mukaiyama Kazushi Mukaiyama seems to have been a student of Harold Cohen’s, and is working on his own drawing program, “Shizuka“. Where AARON imagines its own world, Shizuka seems to be more observational. The early source code of the random-walk

Synthesizers in Processing and jSyn Looks interesting, and it’s probably easier than using Flash or Director… Via Kazushi Mukaiyama’s blog.

The Social Contract Of Art Copyleft

The GPL is an attempt to formalise the code sharing social contract of hackers. It does this through the mechanism of copyleft, using a copyright license to ensure that code is made publicly available. The closest thing to a GPL

Historical Remixing

Whilst searching for CC art to remix (is there any outside of Remix Reading???) I found a couple of older CC postings that I may have mentioned but are worth mentioning again: Franz Liszt, Mixmaster, and J.S. Bach, Klepto The

Computer Art, High Art

Art computing before the launch of the PC was in a strange way guaranteed as high art by the simple fact that access to its means of production excluded the masses. The cost of computing machinery prior to the PC,

Pure Computation

Art computing has settled on consumer hardware and software, the PC or iBook and Flash or Processing for the most part. Using consumer hardware and software may simply be like artists using gloss house paint to make work, the use


I finally got around to updating my user page at fledgling Free Culture nexus CNUK :