1969 – Technical

I drew the images for 1969 in red and blue peel-off china marker in an A5 sketchbook, then used the images as reference to assemble the layout for images from nuclear fallout diagrams that I’d traced by hand for 1968. Those images were in tints of primary red or green.
I copied and pasted those to their own file, added background colours, and coloured the contours with reference to a Pantone flipbook. The colours were red and blue (for political reasons), green and muted hues for landscape, pink for classical flesh, and other colours as they took my fancy.
At some point I switched from Illustrator 6 to Illustrator CS. After leaving things a few days I discarded about a dozen images I didn’t feel were quite good enough. After a couple of weeks I discarded a few more, bitmapped the images by hand, and ran two scripts to make the various vector formats and the HTML for the images.