AARON Poster
A poster by AARON for the International Lisp Conference 2002:


I want one for my birthday (cheaper shipping option OK). 🙂


More Open Music
Opsound have joined Loca in the Creative-Commons-licensed CD market, and Positron are kinda sorta gonna start CC-licensing work:


Positron have got a CC-remix competition here. This is good because you get the “sources” for the track to play with, which is more what Free Music should be about.

SoDA at the ICA
I’ve just seen that my old associates SoDA are at the ICA in London at the moment:


Soda Constructor brought kinematics to the masses, their new stuff looks great as well.

Data Is Nature
Excellent generative/digital art weblog, via generative.net:


The Fiction Of The Western Tradition
“Chinese or African or African-American or Native American aesthetics are much more accessible to my students than the works of ?their own? tradition (whatever that means; my students have multiple origins, and the ?western tradition? is a fiction anyway).”

Auto-oppression reaches new heights. Or depths. Crypto-imperialism, rehabilitating cultural difference as cultural difference. How people can keep a straight face whilst comparing the “fiction” of Western Culture to the romanticised projections of “Other” (sic.) Cultures I’ll never know. But whilst enjoying the frisson of superior moral inferiority, do bear in mind that other canons may just be based on exclusion, or even be fictions themselves, and that fiction is not exactly a marginal element of human culture.


I Succumbed
I finally bought a copy of Illustrator CS. It’s got the old “Dimensions” engine that I used for some of Inbetween Cities built in, so that could be fun. But mostly it does modern file formats, AppleScript, and metadata.

Ten Years Since Fuse94
It’s ten years since “Fuse 94”. I was there, an art student at a typography conference, and it was great. The best speakers were definitely Letterror, whose work on smart fonts influenced my work quite majorly.

A review of Fuse94.

I spent lots of time in the lab as well, making some Psychetecture in PhotoShop amongst other things. It was the first time I had my work put on the web (and the first time I’d been on the Internet). I don’t have the files any more, they wouldn’t fit on a disk then and the site isn’t there now.

People still use the word “vernacular” too much. Vernacular to postmodern graphic design is like Pastoral to yBA art: a displaced, ironised aesthetic social virtue masquerading as an aesthetic.

My First Remix
I saw the first remix of my work today. It’s quite a coincidence that the remixer added arrows as they are the central motif of my next project.

“Mountain Stroll”

© 2004 Ber Kessels, Rob Myers.
Licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-2.0 license.
Derived from “London (For Evie)”.

Remix Reading
The Remix Reading site is shaping up very well. They’ve got a domain but it’s just a placeholder with the flyer on at the moment. Do download the flyer, though.


I Thought We Were The Judean People’s Front?
This site is excellent, but the debates they link to very quickly go all Wolfie Smith:

Socialism In an Age Of Waiting.