Free Culture


A UK-based website for sharing CC-BY-NC work (via Rhizome):

“ ( ) will be exhibited at the ICA London
from Tuesday 7th September to Sunday 3rd October 2004. is a copyright-free website, a curatorial project that aims to
create an online platform to exchange works between artists, curators and
the public and give the audience free access to works of art. This project
intends to challenge the idea of intellectual property and test its limits
in a copyright-free zone.

Submitted works can be downloaded, changed, distributed, exhibited and used
by all visitors for free. All submitted works will be present online in an
archive, and available to the public to access. Only commercial use is
excluded, as all works are registered with Creative Commons under a
non-commercial license.

This show marks the premier of new artists’ contributions by: Elizabeth
Price, Carey Young, Doug Fishbone, Abigail Reynolds, Reza Aramesh, Peter
Coffin, Ella Gibbs, Gavin Wade, Beltran Obregon and Richard Crow.

Existing work will be also shown by Anna Best, Bigert&Bergstrom, Colectivo
Cambalache, Critical Art Ensemble, A K Dolven, House of O’Dwyer, Per
Huttner, juneau/projects/, Matthieu Laurette, Miltos Manetas, N55, Szuper
Gallery, Thomson & Craighead and SAK

12-7.30pm daily, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, The Mall, SW1

for further information please email”