Month: September 2004

Grrrr (Via Lessig’s Blog Comments)

The sad old crashed car analogy has to turn licensing into ownership in order to work. You don’t own a recording or a piece of software, you license it (read the small print). It’s not like crashing your own car,

Things I Wish I’d Said #247 (via eu-gene)

“…surely all (good?) art explores (and possibly redefines) the ontology of the artist….. Isn’t “style” a corrupted form of ontology?” -tbatt.

Ethics & Aesthetics (via eu-gene)

…both aesthetics and ethics are axiomatic restrictions on form. Aesthetics is concerned with pleasure, ethics with pain. (OK, the second sentence isn’t true, but it was too good not to type 🙂 ) I sometimes claim that philosophy is a

UNIX As Literature

Commons-Based Production is Not Communism


Petals Around The Rose

Because this is one of the very few misdirection puzzles I’ve ever figured out 🙂 : Petals Around The Rose And because it’s very funny once you get it. I particularly recommend it for anyone you know who’s big on


I’ve moved the sketchbook section to its own blog: my sketchblog

1969 Sketchbook is a web site to share catalogues of web links. Here’s my page: and my rss feed: See what I come up with each day.:-)

The Computer Art Society

The rebooted Computer Art Society looks like it’s off to a good start: