1968 – Almost There

1968 is almost finished. I’ve realised that it can be regarded as a distant relative of Sarah Morris’s project. 1968 isn’t grids and capital, it is biomorphism and militarism. I like Sarah Morris’s work very much, but it wasn’t a conscious influence.
I’m looking at the images for 1968 on a CRT and there are a few colour changes I can see I need to make. 1968 has been made mostly on LCD. I did San Jose on LCD back in 2000, so it isn’t a first for me, but that was some time ago and I don’t yet trust myself to get the screen at the right angle. I suppose I should fiddle with ColorSync more.
Apart from the colour changes I’m working on a Makefile (a computer script) to generate the different formats, archives and web pages for the work automatically. This will allow me to put this work and future projects online quicker. It used to take hours to format up a project. Now I’ll just be able to type “make”.