I’ve made very few paintings, but I need to make some now. I think that 1968 needs some painted images, and a project called “Indemnified Paintings” needs painting as well (obviously 🙂 ).

I’m reminded of Art & Language talking about how paint and brushes were “kryptonite” to some conceptual artists. I came to computers at the same time as painting and printmaking, so there’s never been that ideological split for me.

This isn’t part of any general drift from technology, or a need to make something saleable, it’s just what I need to do. OK so I’m having fun with Conte charcoal pencils and blue col-erase at the moment as well, but I’m coding and clicking away as hard as ever. Yessir. It’s important to get the medium right and not to fetishise it.

Paint is a good way of making certain kinds of one-shot images. Why make it on-screen and then laboriously print it out? It’s easier to just paint it, if the process of painting or the lack of undo doesn’t get in the way. 😉