Month: May 2004

Fire At Saatchi Warehouse

Art-like objects destroyed including Hirst and Chapman products: Hope none of the good stuff was damaged. Do they make flame-retardant canvas?

Creative Commons 2.0 Licenses Are Out!

The Creative Commons 2.0 licenses are out. They cover music and combining works much better than the 1.0 license, but miss the crucial “representation of authority to contribute” clause that makes people think about whether they really are allowed to

Draw Something More

The next thing I want to get Draw Something to do is to assemble and draw figures made from several simpler shapes.The current system starts with a set of random points (or lines, depending on how you look at it),

I’ve moved to LiveJournal…

I’ve moved to LiveJournal. See:

Minara In Progress

I’ve finished most of the object picking code I need so far, just line and curve intersection to do (these are well-known standard algorithms. The curve one I’ll implement in C for speed). They’ll be as sloooow as I expected:

Hackers And Painters

Hackers and Painters is out. It looks good. I’m just waiting for to get my copy past the tachyon projectors. Wired has a good review Sample chapter, “hackers and painters” (pdf). See the book site for more details and

Eating My Own Dog Food

“1968” needs finishing. It’s colour that’s the problem. I want a more fluid and accurate way of working with colour than the current crop of illustration software gives me.Minara needs continuing. it needs real tasks and projects to work on.So

EU Copyright Diktat

The unelected European Commission, under the Microsoft-sponsored Irish presidency, has voted in favour of software patents. This is despite the European commission (the elected government) voting against themSoftware patents sound like they protect people’s ideas but they don’t. They stifle

The Ontology For “Draw Something”

I’ve started working on the ontology for my program “Draw Something”. It’s currently based on my unpublished “ae” toy aesthetic program, but I need something heavier duty for the full program.In computing an ontology is data that represents knowledge, particularly

Aesthetics Is Subservient to…

(From Aesthetics-L) I look forward to the first book on art by a chef. We will find thataesthetics is inferior to cooking, that pigments are inferior tospices, that the gesamtkunstwerk is a sizzling platter, and thatcriticism should be replaced by