Month: April 2004

Art And Fear

Virillio’s back and he’s got the caps lock key working again. He’s also got the benefit of a readable translation this time. It’s strange to think that “Art and Fear” was written before September 11th. The Midlantic Tachyon Projectors are

Computer Arts Society

The CAS is restarting. See the homepage at the BCA, or contact [email protected] (the name given out on flyers at the Harold Cohen talk).

Harold Cohen Talk Last Night At The Tate

Harold Cohen gave a good talk, and a good Q&A session afterwards (including fielding questions from Huw Jones from the Landsdowne Centre For Electronic Arts and Dave Bausola from Ixi). I managed to meet Harold and briefly say hello beforehand.

Open Clip Art

Via Creative Commons, the Open Clip Art project from Clip art is horrible. Here’s an opportunity to change that… 🙂

On “Language”

(From a discussion on Aesthetics-L) The existence of a penumbra does not cause light and dark to wink outof existence. Ordinary language philosophy’s obsession with edge-casesfills lonely evenings but ignores the break-out strategy of*generating* language. I don’t know what the

Generative Philosophy

Looking at Bayesian-filter-busting spam email, I had an idea. Train a genetic algorithm to make Markov chains. Train the chain on Project Gutenberg’s philosophical texts. Train a spam filter on the same texts. Then evolve philosophical texts, evaluating them by

…And What I Use

Inspired by the animators, I’ve taken to using red & blue 0.5mm propellor pencil leads from Pentel along with Staedtler Marsmicro 0.5mms for light sketches, and red, blue & black Sanford Peel-Offs for heavier work. Mirado Black Warriors are good

Materials Fetishism Two: Phallic Symbols

Pencils seen used by animators in documentaries on Disney, Pixar, and The Simpsons:(Tuscan Red?) Berol Verithin Staedtler Mars LumographSanford Black Peel-Off China Marker (!) Yep, Glen Keane…Mirado Black WarriorMirado Yellow The lead pencils often have coloured erasers on the end,

Interesting Project Gutenberg Texts

Leonardo’s Notebooks Psychology of Beauty Hopes And Fears For Art Aesthetic As A Science… The Tractatus


I’ve started trying to read “Aesthetic Theory”. I suspect it’s a bad translation, because the introduction is as unreadable as the main text, possibly even less so. Like recent Virilio translations…There’s a critique of the book on that mistakenly