Month: March 2004

Free Culture

Lawrence Lessig’s new book Free Culture is available under a Creative Commons license. I’ve just started reading it and it looks like a very good description of the history and current primacy of the cultural asset-strippers who drive our “intellectual

Literate Programming

I’ve moved my AARON -style program from Prolog to Python to Lisp to Dylan, and now I’m programming it in a literate programming style using noweb. Literate programming means combining a human-readable description of the program with the code and


There’s overlap between the eye of colour poetics and the eye of cognitive science. They meet in the compression schemes used by digital image systems such as computers and cable TV to squeeze pictures over networks by throwing away details

Surgical Strike

Liberal arts and the military technology of computation make strange bedfellows. There is a danger that computer art is just the aestheticisation of military ideology, a sugar coating that makes the military-industrial-entertainment complex easier to swallow on the way to

San Jose

I was in San Jose for the Apple developer conference in February 2000. California in winter is different from London in winter, but it would be different anyway. It felt like being on a film set; the visual perfection and

Inbetween Cities

I spend far too much of my life commuting as a passenger on mass transport systems. Looking out of the window of a fast-moving vehicle close up all you see are blurs. Further away objects rotate serenely by revealing a

Still Alive

I changed jobs, which has been very time-consuming.I’ve swapped from Python to Lisp for the drawing module. Hopefully if I use Lisp I won’t ever have to learn another programming language. ­čÖéThere was a thread about “meritocracy” in fine art