Month: February 2004

I’ve been busy

I’ve been busy. I’ve been writing a drawing module similar to a very, very simple implementation of Harld Cohen’s AARON.I emailed Harold Cohen, and got a reply. 🙂And I’ve been sketching and writing a lot, which hasn’t left much time

Oh, the irony

Compare the figures in a Maloney painting to the figures in an AARON painting. AARON is working hard to reach this state, Maloney is dumbing down to it. AAARON comes from a fondness for painting, figures, and art. I don’t

Cabinet Of Disinterest

Cabinet paintings are reviled as the precursor of kitsch. Kitsch is reviled by critics. Left-wing critics object to the content of Kitsch, which they regard as saccharine distraction, sentimental, void of social content, worse than null. Right-wing critics object to

ae In Progress

Here’s an example of the (very basic) current output from ae, a program I’m writing as a proof-of-concept for the generative principles I mentioned in an earlier posting: Aesthetic: Criterion: emotional Property: medium chroma Weight: -0.990090351373 Criterion: environmental Property: triangle


In cultural studies, all the world’s a text and all the men and women in it are but signifiers. Art is a poor cousin of text, as text is more like text than art is.In computing, when a program is

Creative AI

Margaret Boden described true, historically-unprecedented creativity (“H-Creativity”) as adding an additional dimension to the search space (I think – I’m paraphrasing badly here). Everyone should read “The Creative Mind”, especially me as I can’t remember the section I want to


Dave Bausola recommended “Processing” to me. Processing is the sequel to DBN, and if you know java or JavaScript/ActionScript you already know it. Ed from Soda is using it to write moovl, the sequel to SodaPlay. I’ve had it on


Check whether that small label is just a front for a megacorp.:RIAA TrackerFind similar groups to old favourites:musicplasma

Genetic Aesthetic Determinism

NewScientist is asking whether we all inhabit the same sensory universe (“In The Realm Of Your Senses”, 31/1/04). Yes, that old chestnut. There’s interesting new evidence on genetic variations in the senses such as taste and smell. And of course