Month: February 2004

I’ve been busy

I've been busy. I've been writing a drawing module similar to a very, very simple implementation of Harld Cohen's AARON.I emailed Harold Cohen, and got a reply. :-)And I've been sketching and writing a lot, which hasn't left much time for a weblog.
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Oh, the irony

Compare the figures in a Maloney painting to the figures in an AARON painting. AARON is working hard to reach this state, Maloney is dumbing down to it. AAARON comes from a fondness for painting, figures, and art. I don't really care where Maloney is coming from. Both ironise the figure through technique, yet 's…
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Cabinet Of Disinterest

Cabinet paintings are reviled as the precursor of kitsch. Kitsch is reviled by critics. Left-wing critics object to the content of Kitsch, which they regard as saccharine distraction, sentimental, void of social content, worse than null. Right-wing critics object to the form of kitsch; its low quality and therefore its low value. Neither particularly object…
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ae In Progress

Here's an example of the (very basic) current output from ae, a program I'm writing as a proof-of-concept for the generative principles I mentioned in an earlier posting:Aesthetic: Criterion: emotional Property: medium chroma Weight: -0.990090351373 Criterion: environmental Property: triangle Weight: -0.92098300276 Criterion: environmental Property: smooth Weight: 0.464487999345 Criterion: perceptual Property: pale Weight: -0.42954300998 Criterion: cultural…
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In cultural studies, all the world's a text and all the men and women in it are but signifiers. Art is a poor cousin of text, as text is more like text than art is.In computing, when a program is copied from memory to a disk so it can be restored later, it's called an…
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Creative AI

Margaret Boden described true, historically-unprecedented creativity ("H-Creativity") as adding an additional dimension to the search space (I think - I'm paraphrasing badly here). Everyone should read "The Creative Mind", especially me as I can't remember the section I want to quote from. :-)Edward DeBono describes creativity as "making novel associations" IIRC, and came up with…
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Dave Bausola recommended "Processing" to me. Processing is the sequel to DBN, and if you know java or JavaScript/ActionScript you already know it. Ed from Soda is using it to write moovl, the sequel to SodaPlay. I've had it on my hard disk for a while now but I'd not really had a look at…
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Check whether that small label is just a front for a megacorp.:RIAA TrackerFind similar groups to old favourites:musicplasma
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Genetic Aesthetic Determinism

NewScientist is asking whether we all inhabit the same sensory universe ("In The Realm Of Your Senses", 31/1/04). Yes, that old chestnut. There's interesting new evidence on genetic variations in the senses such as taste and smell. And of course we learn from our senses, so this may have some bearing on the construction of…
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