Month: January 2004


I love this grafitti-drawing spraycan robot:HektorIt’s like a grunge version of AARON.Art & Language’s idea that painting could be justified if its products couldn’t be created any other way applies to drawing machines as well. There are scales and complexities

Freedom From, Freedom To

Freedom to is suffering in the name of freedom from. Manufacturing enemies for people to want to be free from doesn’t really cover removing their freedom to publicly question this.


Minara is going well. Basic graphics and buffers are implemented so I’m onto the Lisp code for event and tool handling now. I’ve written utilities to convert to and from Minara format and PostScript, and Minara can render its own


As the prefix indicates, atheism is the absence of belief in God rather than the belief that God does not exist. It’s therefore not contradictory to be an atheist and to be open to proof of the existence of God

The Difference Between hackers And Painters

A collection of Paul Graham’s essays is going to be published by O’Reilley under the title “Hackers and Painters”. Book announcement.The title comes from a lecture/essay of Graham’s.Original Hackers and Painters article.The art/science commonality (both order signifiers) was made in

Jasia Reichardt

Jasia Reichardt was Assistant Director of the ICA in London in the late 1960s at the time of “Cybernetic Serendipity”. Tate Jasia Reichardt webcast. She wrote three essential guides to Computer Art at the end of the 1960s and the

Classic Generative Art Texts

Two classic Generative/Computer art texts available online: Expanded CinemaAlgorithmic AestheticsI wish I could find a hardcopy of Algorithmic Aesthetics. The usually reliable ABEBooks can’t help me…

Mouse Droppings

As the shareholder value maximisation continues at Disney the management’s reaction to a report showing that flooding your market with shoddy exploitation sequels destroys your core value proposition (something the staff have been telling them all along, apparently) is to

Duchamp Stoppages Hoax?

An article showing that Duchamp’s “Stoppages” function on a different level to the one most Duchamp scholars accept, via Sam Woolf on eu-gene:TOUT-FAIT Article

Materials Fetishism One: La Vie Boheme

Amongst other things, Evie gave me a Moleskine for Christmas. I’ve used Paperchase, Muji and Smiths for notebooks, but Moleskines are just altogether more notebook-y. My Newton will continue to gather dust… ­čÖéMoleskine US, slightly larger site.Moleskine ink discussion…