Month: November 2003

Open Art: San Jose

"San Jose" is the first work available for download at the Open Content section of my site. The download includes discarded work as extras.Click here to go there.It's in SVG format and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
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Require Attribution, Allow Commercial, Share

I will be licensing most of my art back catalogue and new work under a Creative Commons license. For obvious reasons I will not license work that is derived from found images. I will also not license work that is not easily edited or sampled, or commissioned work if requested not to. I will provide…
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What?Minara is "Emacs for graphics", a programmable vector graphics program editor written using libArt, libSDL and librep. Read that again slowly. :-) This is that "tinker under the hood, write your own tools" environment you've always heard about.Minara is a program that can render graphics descriptions, and allows the user to modify those descriptions using…
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Opening Art

Digging through my archives I found an unfinished license drafted for an abandoned project from 2001 which I present here for your amusement. It's inspired by the BSD and OGL licenses. IANAL so don't try to actually use it - you wouldn't try to use heart transplant instructions written by an artist would you? :-)The…
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Successful Open Source Art

Successful open source software projects tackle well-defined taskswith a sense of shared purpose, good acceptance criteria and goodpublic rewards. Open source art projects need to be the same. Justsetting up a CVS server or studio and letting people walk in won't getanywhere (although such resources will be needed). A show theme, amural/installation/public art call or…
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Underlying Aesthetic (Dis)Order

Looking at the image generators in the History Of Computing section ofthe Science Museum I was struck by how un-artistic the regularpatterns and well defined forms of harmonic analysers and geometricpens now look. Their artisticness has gone the way of the stringConcorde's. That regular, predictable structure would once have beenthe underlying aesthetic of an ordered…
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Snapshot Generativity

"Frieze" ran an article on "Lomography" some time ago, concluding thathowever designerish "Lomo" photographers may feel they're being theyare still producing Lomo-aesthetic images (see for why). But this is true of anyfixed-focus or special-effect camera, from the Box Brownie through1950s corrective-lens-and-filter cameras, "Polaroids", 110s,lenticular print cameras, fixed-lens digital cameras and Lomo'smulti-lens or coloured-flash cameras. Lomo…
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The camera is meant to be an objective recorder of optical fact (stop laughing at the back). So the thought of a camera that alters the scene that it is to capture, for example by changing the colour of the light in the scene (and I mean really changing it) seems the opposite of what…
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