What Is Art?

I asked ThoughtTreasure (a natural language/commonsense system):

> what is art?
ENG art; fine art;
ANT: ENG art; fine art;

An art is a sort of media object. Sorts of arts: architecture, the American
art, the comic strip, the drawing, the graffiti, the museum piece, the Oriental
art, the painting, the performance art, the photograph, the picture, the
sculpture, and the watercolor. Other types of media objects: hypermedias, the
advertisement, the broadcast, the computer program, the dance, the datafeed,
the film, the genetic code, the mail, the message, the opera, the part of film,
the part of text, the part of theory, the play, the protocol, the script, the
station, the text, the theory, and the video.

An art is a R2 of a leisure activity. Artist creates an art. A museum visit is
a company relation of an art.

art creation
_______________ ______________________
American art American
architecture architect
performance art performance artist
photograph fine art photographer
sculpture sculptor

art paint
________ ________________
graffiti graffiti painter
painting painter

Artist creates an art.

An art. A leisure activity. A museum visit. Leave. Go. A snow. It. A rain
shower. Rain. Some meteors. The weather. An indefinite ce. A beautiful day. A
good weather. A sunny sky. A clear sky. A sky coverage.