Month: May 2003

Buzzart Generator

I've written a simple random painting description generator in Prolog and I'm working on getting it compiling as a full-screen Java application using Prolog Cafe.The choice algorithm is random, but the choices are structured hierarchically so there is structure to the generated descriptions. I'm going to add complexity to it and start working on non-random…
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I found more images for '1968' and decided that the title is right after all (a preview is on my web site as "Objection" at the moment). I'm struggling with the colours, though.
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Last night I realised that Daniel Buren's stripes are ideal reference for the next set of Titled images. Squares, boxes, zips, and now stripes. Looking at the Buchmann Galerie site today, Lawrence Weiner's graphic conceptual text might make good source material for the project as well, taking it in a new direction.
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Open Art Ontology

For several projects I need a semantic net/slipnet to represent aesthetic concepts for a program to work with. This could be generally useful (or at least amusing) so it could be an open source project.Prolog, like Lisp/Scheme, is another language that doubles as a data structuring file format and it is ideal for representing semantic…
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May Day

Smash global capitalism: spend less money.
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What Is Art?

I asked ThoughtTreasure (a natural language/commonsense system):> what is art?>ENG art; fine art;ANT: ENG art; fine art;An art is a sort of media object. Sorts of arts: architecture, the Americanart, the comic strip, the drawing, the graffiti, the museum piece, the Orientalart, the painting, the performance art, the photograph, the picture, thesculpture, and the watercolor.…
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A blue screen is exhibited.A blue screen is exhibited at an art show.A blue screen is exhibited at an art show. The artist, when interviewed, claim they found it like that.A blue screen is exhibited at an art show. The artist, when interviewed, claim they crashed an NT box deliberately.A blue screen is exhibited at…
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The Condition Of Design

It is not art that is weakened as it approaches the condition of design. It is the power of criticism. All art is design: a competent aesthetic response to a set of isomorphic demands.
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Drawing and Coding

(Figurative) drawing and programming are both about structuring perceptions in-keeping with representational schemes to enable engaging with subjects. Competent drawing is regarded as technically conservative. Which is ridiculous given that the last fifty years have seen drawing used more than ever before. Animation, computer games, graphic design, movies and web/UI design all use drawing as…
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