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Oculus Rift CV1 Support in OpenHMD

OpenHMD has added support for the Oculus Rift Consumer version 1 (CV1) in the dev-oculus-cv1 branch. It tracks the headset and turns the video and sound on. Above is a blurry image taken on my phone showing openglexample running on-screen and in the rift display. I've found a few minor issues: You'll need a strong…
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Making music with datagloves in the 1980s: Making music with datagloves in the 2010s: I'm interested in applications of VR gloves to visual art making. There's examples of this for 3D modelling, e.g.: but I'm more interested in 2D image production. If anyone knows of any examples I'd be very interested.…
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Free Software Oculus Rift Driver in Chromium

With a nightly build of Chromium and experimental code from vr.js you can run a free software JavaScript/WebGL Oculus Rift environment on GNU//Linux: The demo allows you to look around the inside of a cube, which reads as a room. It's fun, and an exciting step for the Rift and Free Software.
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