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A “bit” is a basic unit of information entropy. It’s binary, either on or off, present or absent, one or zero. A “string” in computer programming is a sequence of items of a particular length. They may be fixed or

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“Hot Cold” on Homestead

Here’s “Hot Cold” live on the Ethereum “Homestead” network. “Hot Cold” calls back to Art & Language’s 1960s Conceptual Art involving abstract aesthetic properties. It looks (and is implemented to be) twice as complex as “Is Art“, but it’s still

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“Is Art” On Homestead

Ethereum has been live for several months now and has progressed to the point where the network has been declared stable. So I’m deploying my contract artworks to the Ethereum blockchain. First up is “Is Art“. “Is Art” is an

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Ethereum: Truffle + Meteor

Meteor is the recommended development framework for Ethereum dApps. Truffle is Consensys’ development ¬†system for Ethereum dApps. We cannot currently add a Meteor build phase to Truffle, but we can integrate them easily enough with a script. Install Meteor, Truffle

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Artwork Of The Century

Great at the London Art fair – Rob Myers ‘Artwork of the Century’ shareable ready-mades with ‘Certificate of Inauthenticity’ (Image and quote – Bruno Martelli.)

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Minara 0.4.0

I’ve been making the regular (accidentally) six-yearly update to Minara, my vector graphics program. The new version switches from GLUT to Gtk for the windowing system, from GLU to Cairo for the renderer, and from C to pure Scheme for

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Operationalizing curation, after a presentation by the excellent Mohammad Salemy. The source code¬†uses’s API to find and rank similar artists and extract their shared themes. Here’s an example: Andy Warhol Show Themes 2000-present (29), United States (26), Painting (26),

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Three.js Glitches

I’m learning the three.js JavaScript 3D Graphics library. One of the projects I’m going to apply this to is Blockchain Aesthetics. Here are some of the more aesthetic failures and successes so far at visualising Bitcoin transaction hashes.

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Essay Corpse – Accelerate Aesthetics

(This essay wouldn’t gel and I abandoned it. “XXXX…” means “do more here in the next writing or edit pass.” Do get “Speculative Aesthetics” and “Class Wargames”, they are both wonderful books.) Urbanomic’s “Speculative Aesthetics” is a freshly mined block

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We can use NLTK’s support for WordNet to help generate and classify text. from nltk.corpus import wordnet as wn from nltk.corpus import sentiwordnet as swn def make_synset(word, category=’n’, number=’01’): “””Conveniently make a synset””” number = int(number) return wn.synset(‘%s.%s.%02i’ % (word,

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