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Art And The Blockchain

Facecoin is at the "Art and the Blockchain" show at Digital Catapult. Here's Ruth Catlows' article about it -
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Urinal At Cabaret Voltaire

(Image via ) Cabaret Voltaire hosted an event to celebrate the centenary of Dada led by McKenzie Wark. It featuring 3D printing including the Urinal: Afterwards a print of the Urinal showed up in the gift shop:
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Play Art Data Money at London Art Fair

"Bunnybots - Cryptoart for art angels" at London Art Fair. Play and remix here - Furtherfield mention my work and Primavera di Filippi as influences. :-)
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Shareable Readymades At London Art Fair

Furtherfield are taking the Shareable Readymades to London Art Fair this week, they're for sale for Bitcoin and GBP. Who'd like a solid gold urinal?
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Shareable Readymades At “Common Property”

Antonio Roberts, Dead Copyright, 2015. Courtesy the artist. Jerwood Encounters: Common Property 15 JANUARY - 21 FEBRUARY 2016 EDWIN BURDIS/ HANNAH KNOX/ ROB MYERS/ OWEN G. PARRY/ ANTONIO ROBERTS/ SUPERFLEX Curated by Hannah Pierce, Jerwood Encounters: Common Property seeks to demonstrate how artists engage with and relate to copyright through the work of six emerging…
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