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Left Universal Basic Income

The Universal Basic Income proposed by the Left is different from that proposed by the Right. Rather than replacing the welfare state it is a supplement to it. As Srnicek & Williams note in "Inventing The Future", 2015 (p.297): The conservative argument for a basic income – which must be avoided at all costs –…
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Rationally Irrational Aesthetics

Local Maximum by Headsplatter, Public Domain. Rational aesthetics are an infinite improvement on vapid, asset-class aesthetics but (and this is identifying an opportunity, not an objection) Gödel. If we cast art's reason as AI-style search (not to fundamentally describe it as such, but to make a hopefully useful comparison) then we encounter the problem of…
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The Entropy Man

D16 Hex Dice by Saharasav licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International. "The Dice Man" by Luke Rhinehart is a 1971 novel about the moral consequences of making life-altering decisions using the roll of a die. The use of chance operations in art was common in mid-20th-Century avant-gardes but, reacting against his background in psychiatry,…
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Art For Algorithms

My first article for Furtherfield as guest editor is now online: Rob Myers takes a look at how we can subvert the operation of the algorithms that the Digital Humanities, corporations and governments use to read, see, and draw conclusions about human expression by treating them as the true audience for contemporary art and literature.…
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The Art Of Management

I have an article about the Management Theory context (I promise it's much more interesting than that might sound...) of socialist Chile's "Cybersyn" system at AVANT: A big thank you to Stephen Fortune for suggesting I write something and for improving it so much by editing it.
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Thinking About Value

36f1: A given multidimensional intrinsic motivation space will intersect the complement of a given multidimensional affordance space. 95a1: A multidimensional extrinsic motivation space is a non-affine projection of the former. 187e: Dimension-reducing extrinsic motivation space is a (mathematically!) degenerate projection of that. 0ecb: Monodimensional extrinsic motivation space ( is a (mathematical!) singularity. f61d: (Points, badges…
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Facecoin, 2014, HTML5 and JavaScript. Click here to run a visualization in your web browser. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin use a "proof of work" system to prevent abuse. Artworks are proofs of aesthetic work. Facecoin uses machine pareidolia as its proof of work. This is implemented by applying CCV’s JavaScript face detection algorithm to…
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Not Now James, We’re Busy

This post does not include the phrase "frantic academic clopping".James Bridle's "Where The F**k Was I?" (2011) is a book containing 202 maps depicting his movements over the previous year. The maps were produced using OpenStreetMap (2004) to plot the secret location database that iPhones (2007) had been discovered to be keeping (April 2011). It…
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DDOS, Aesthetics, Speech

Distributed Denial Of Service attacks have a form. They have a political form, and they have a spatial form. The latter is the network topography of the attacks. At present the spatial form (and its properties) are incidental, but it is possible to make them part of the political message. This could make the form…
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SendValues is a network testing tool that sends mathematical, aesthetic and textual values using the properties of rather than the contents of network messages.You can get the source code here: a stand-alone command-line version and an IRC-client version are included.SendValues uses a naive pulse-width-modulation scheme for encoding values. Any improvements to the code gratefully…
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