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Urinal At Cabaret Voltaire

(Image via ) Cabaret Voltaire hosted an event to celebrate the centenary of Dada led by McKenzie Wark. It featuring 3D printing including the Urinal: Afterwards a print of the Urinal showed up in the gift shop:

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Neterarti – Net Art Social Networking Freedom

(Image via Marc Garrett) Neterarti is Furtherfield‘s new social network for net artists based on the GNU social Free Software social network system. If you’re familiar with Twitter it’s very similar, and it’s easy to access via the web

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The People’s Platform

“The People’s Platform” (TPP) is a frustrating read. An anti-techno-utopian critique of the economics and politics of culture on the Internet, it contains much interesting research and some useful ideas but is hamstrung by a year zero activism approach to

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Monkeycoin is the follow-up to Facecoin. It is a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency that uses trying to write the complete works of Shakespeare as its proof of work. You can find out more here.

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Surgical Strike – A Glitch And A Result

F-117 Nighthawk Model by TheVNPrinter (CC-BY-SA).

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Exploring Tate Art Open Data 1

This is the first in a series of posts examining Tate's excellent collection dataset available at . I've processed that dataset using code for Mongo DB and Node.js available at . The R and R Markdown code for

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I was at Free?! ( as a speaker. The first part of the day was the brunch club: We gathered around tables to discuss various free culture-related topics and write notes on the tablecloths. These were later hung in

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Importing Tate Collection Data Into MongoDB

You have to feed records into Mongo one per line. Like this: find artists -name *.json -exec perl -p -e ‘s/\n/ /’ ‘{}’ \; -exec echo \; | mongoimport –db tate –collection artists find artworks -name *.json -exec perl -p

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Composition Generators Are Back

I’ve restored the composition generators. You can find them here: You can use them online, download the code, or download PDF books containing examples of the output of each generator. Enjoy!  

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Fair Use Wins In Richard Prince Decision

  Richard Prince’s “Canal Zone” paintings have been found Fair Use. This doesn’t mean a lot outside the US, where Fair Use tends not to apply, but it’s still good news. See more here: And a

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