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Bad Shibe – Out Now!

Cover Illustration for “Bad Shibe” by Lina Theodorou. Bad Shibe, Novella, 2017. “Bad Shibe” is the story of a young member of a near-future cryptocurrency-based utopia. YS works in an orchard in the day, goes to school in the evening,

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Art Data Money

title: Art Data Money Art Data Money is Furtherfield‘s new programme of art shows, lab events and debates. “Art Data Money aims to build a commons for arts in the network age, and invites people to join us and discover

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Art For Algorithms

My first article for Furtherfield as guest editor is now online: Rob Myers takes a look at how we can subvert the operation of the algorithms that the Digital Humanities, corporations and governments use to read, see, and draw conclusions

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Work In Progress: Contemporary Art Daily Data Analysis

Word clouds (don’t worry, there are heat maps as well 😉 ) of words from shows by city.

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Cryptocurrency Culture “”The Cypherfunks” is a network of musicians working individually & together to make music under the same name. A cryptocurrency [FUNK] acts as “stock” in the band. Both the currency & band are completely decentralized. It is a grand

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If You Can Get To Buffalo

Image from CityPaper, © 2013 There’s a play on in Baltimore this week by Trish Harnetiaux called “If You Can Get To Buffalo” about Julian Dibbell’s 1990s Village Voice LambdaMOO article, “A Rape in Cyberspace”: You can read reviews

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Cybersalon January 2013

Legendary London net culture meet up Cybersalon has returned with a new home at The Arts Catalyst. The first event in the new series was appropriately retrospective, being devoted to the history of the digital design scene that has centred

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Not Now James, We’re Busy

This post does not include the phrase “frantic academic clopping”. James Bridle’s “Where The F**k Was I?” (2011) is a book containing 202 maps depicting his movements over the previous year. The maps were produced using OpenStreetMap (2004) to plot

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The FTP archives and homepages of the 1990s may be gone but some of the best known MU*s are still there. You can connect from the command line using Telnet. LambdaMoo: telnet 8888 MediaMoo: telnet 8888 FurryMUCK: telnet

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An Aesthetics Of Disappearance

I stumbled over this anti-face-recognition project again and, post-“world’s ugliest t-shirt” from “Zero History” I enjoyed it even more: This technique can work in reverse, causing false positives and misdirected automated actions:

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