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Using The Palette

The "Democratic Palette" contract provides 12 colours to use. What happens if griefers set the palette to 12 colours that are almost exactly the same? What happens if you need colours with more or less contrast or hue difference? What if you need more or fewer colours? The only guarantee about them is that they…
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Democratic Palette

Democratic Palette, 2016, Ethereum Contract and HTML/JavaScript/CSS. A palette of twelve colours that anyone can set on the Ethereum blockchain. Every vote for every colour is tracked and the top twelve make up the palette. The images above show various different visual applications of the palette and the use of the GUI to vote for…
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Rationally Irrational Aesthetics

Local Maximum by Headsplatter, Public Domain. Rational aesthetics are an infinite improvement on vapid, asset-class aesthetics but (and this is identifying an opportunity, not an objection) Gödel. If we cast art's reason as AI-style search (not to fundamentally describe it as such, but to make a hopefully useful comparison) then we encounter the problem of…
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The Fractality Of Discourse

Texts exist in discursive space They contain other texts as quotations and references, self-similar scaled copies. Major texts are attractors in this space. Some are singularities that neither light nor heat can escape. Others are strange attractors that draw endless asymptotic vacillation. It's the fractality of discourse. (After the 1992 original.)
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The Entropy Man

D16 Hex Dice by Saharasav licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International. "The Dice Man" by Luke Rhinehart is a 1971 novel about the moral consequences of making life-altering decisions using the roll of a die. The use of chance operations in art was common in mid-20th-Century avant-gardes but, reacting against his background in psychiatry,…
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Art For Algorithms

My first article for Furtherfield as guest editor is now online: Rob Myers takes a look at how we can subvert the operation of the algorithms that the Digital Humanities, corporations and governments use to read, see, and draw conclusions about human expression by treating them as the true audience for contemporary art and literature.…
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Critical Coins

(Illustration from:, copyright the artist.) To make the process of art reviews and criticism more transparent and quantifiable, we can use cryptographic asset tokens to represent critical opinion and valences. See here for how:
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dcrun -u rpcuser -w rpcpassword DCvDS9g9VUZ94MSLbWi4zWRtxHrXeEctZ3 Hello World! Cryptographic asset tokens can represent all kinds of things. Including computer programs. Introducing...: Dogecode (There are several other projects called Dogecode. This isn't them). Dogecode takes computer programs in the Brainfuck programming language (chosen for simplicity of encoding): ++++++++[>++++[>++>+++>+++>+<<<<-]>+>+>->>+[<]<-]>>.>---.+++++++..+++.>>.<-.<.+++.------.--------.>>+.>++. and translates them into a csv file of…
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Blockchain Aesthetics

These images are examples of real-time generative patterns visualising Bitcoin transactions. I wrote them in html5 using's WebSockets API to get notifications of the hash value of each new transaction. You can click on each image to open a new window actually running that visualization. Above, each row is a transaction with each byte…
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Streaming Aesthetics Word Cloud

Images of successive word clouds of counts of artistic terms on Twitter. Via the Straming API, in Processing. The counts update every five seconds and a new word cloud is generated, the drawing of which is animated. Due to the way the wordcloud algorithm works, successive compositions can be very different even for only small…
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