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Left Universal Basic Income

The Universal Basic Income proposed by the Left is different from that proposed by the Right. Rather than replacing the welfare state it is a supplement to it. As Srnicek & Williams note in “Inventing The Future”, 2015 (p.297): The

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The Entropy Man

D16 Hex Dice by Saharasav licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International. “The Dice Man” by Luke Rhinehart is a 1971 novel about the moral consequences of making life-altering decisions using the roll of a die. The use of chance

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Word2Vec is a word vector system that has received attention for the way that mathematical operations on the vectors it generates give meaningful results. To take an example from an article on Word2Vec: vec(“king”) – vec(“man”) + vec(“woman”) =~ vec(“queen”)

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Distance Over Time

To #accelerate creativity, look at historical precedents. The creative games and systems of Surrealism and the OULIPO provide ways of breaking out of aesthetic constraints and finding new subjects or ways of working. “A Book Of Surrealist Games” provides a

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