Art Coins – Coloured

Art Coins (Coloured), 2015, Dogeparty tokens.

Art Coin White (

An eternal changeless epitome of art, totally contemporary, now and forever.

Art Coin Blue (

A perfect investment vehicle and the symbolic resolution of the contradictions and aporias of management and capital made of the finest materials and the basest aesthetics.

Art Coin Red (

A multitcultural art from China, India and the Middle East. A challenge to received wisdom and logistics for an international audience and trade network rendering the specific and local exchangeable and valorizabled culturally and economically.

Art Coin Green (

A youthful art of remix, resistance and defiance from Asia and the former Soviet Union.

Art Coin Yellow (

An art from New York and Berlin, found on blogs and made from obsolescent media. Ironic and depthless yet sophisticatedly deployed to create aesthetics through overwhelming assemblages of kitsch in a year both zero and final.

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