Month: March 2016

“Is Art” On Homestead

Ethereum has been live for several months now and has progressed to the point where the network has been declared stable. So I'm deploying my contract artworks to the Ethereum blockchain. First up is "Is Art". "Is Art" is an Ethereum contract that can be instructed to nominate itself as art (or not). Whoever toggles…
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Causal Horns

3D illustration of Gabriel's horn by RokerHRO - Public Domain. Causal horns are the equivalent of light cones for the potential effect of an event on other events over time - promoting or inhibiting the probability of particular range of events. They're horns because they're twistier than generalized cones (although they compose similarly toDavid Marr's use of them).…
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Rationally Irrational Aesthetics

Local Maximum by Headsplatter, Public Domain. Rational aesthetics are an infinite improvement on vapid, asset-class aesthetics but (and this is identifying an opportunity, not an objection) Gödel. If we cast art's reason as AI-style search (not to fundamentally describe it as such, but to make a hopefully useful comparison) then we encounter the problem of…
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Urinal At Cabaret Voltaire

(Image via ) Cabaret Voltaire hosted an event to celebrate the centenary of Dada led by McKenzie Wark. It featuring 3D printing including the Urinal: Afterwards a print of the Urinal showed up in the gift shop:
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