Month: November 2014

Blockchain Aesthetics

These images are examples of real-time generative patterns visualising Bitcoin transactions. I wrote them in html5 using's WebSockets API to get notifications of the hash value of each new transaction. You can click on each image to open a new window actually running that visualization. Above, each row is a transaction with each byte…
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“Art Is” Wordcloud (Streaming Aesthetics)

Words used after the phrase "art is" on Twitter (minus some stopwords). Processing code in the streaming-aesthetics repository.
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We can use NLTK's support for WordNet to help generate and classify text. from nltk.corpus import wordnet as wn from nltk.corpus import sentiwordnet as swn def make_synset(word, category='n', number='01'): """Conveniently make a synset""" number = int(number) return wn.synset('%s.%s.%02i' % (word, category, number)) >>> dog = make_synset('dog') >>> dog.definition 'a member of the genus Canis (probably…
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