Month: January 2014

Facecoin In More Detail

Facecoin is Bitcoin with a different Proof Of Work system. I’ll try to explain what this means here but I also recommend the following articles about Bitcoin and its protocol: Proof of Work Whenever a computer in the

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Facecoin, 2014, HTML5 and JavaScript. Click here to run a visualization in your web browser. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin use a “proof of work” system to prevent abuse. Artworks are proofs of aesthetic work. Facecoin uses machine pareidolia as

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Working on Facecoin

Facecoin is an aesthetics-based cryptocurrency. It uses a face recognition algorithm on the output of its cryptographic hashing represented as a bitmap as its proof of work. Animated demo to follow.

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Exploring Art Data: My _MON3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US Review

Reviewing almost 70 artworks quickly and in depth is a challenge. With _MON3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US, I chose the approach of describing each artwork’s notable features and then pulling out themes and commonalities at the end. Halfway through

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Work In Progress: Tate Collection Data Movements

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the visualizations from my analysis of the Tate Collection data. It’s a graph of Movements linked by their artists: More to come soon…

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