Month: May 2012

Exploring Art Data 24

(This post uses new features from the R Cultural Analytics Library version 1.0.6 .)We can divide an image into sections, analyse the R, G and B values of each of those sections and plot the results.library(CulturalAnalytics) library(jpeg) library(vegan) ## ## Load the image imgdir<-paste(system.file(package = "CulturalAnalytics"), "images", sep = "/") dirimgs<-paste(imgdir, dir(path = imgdir,…
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Psychogeodata 4

I've added a new script to psychogeodata: derive_amenities.This creates a path between one or more nodes with a given amenity tag, for example restaurants:[email protected]:~/projects/psychogeodata$ ./derive_amenities restaurant test.osm Loaded test.osm. Amenity ['restaurant']: [u'915945516', u'915945586', u'459487338', u'915945925', u'915945684'].Wrote derive to 20120519-210356.html
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