Month: April 2012

Not Now James, We’re Busy

This post does not include the phrase "frantic academic clopping".James Bridle's "Where The F**k Was I?" (2011) is a book containing 202 maps depicting his movements over the previous year. The maps were produced using OpenStreetMap (2004) to plot the secret location database that iPhones (2007) had been discovered to be keeping (April 2011). It…
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MakerBot Replicator: What I Have Learnt So Far

Here's what I've learnt about the practical side of using my MakerBot Replicator so far.If you have a dual extrusion system, make sure the two extrusion nozzles are exactly the same height when you first install them. You may need to tighten screws or insert pieces of paper to do so.When you first adjust the…
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[email protected]

I'm very pleased to announce that "Balloon Dog" is featuring in the online exhibition [email protected] at the Jeu de Paume's virtual space:'s in some amazing company. Take a look!
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3D Printing

Finally taking my own advice, I've bought a MakerBot Replicator and I'm using it to print out my art.It takes about ten hours to print a Balloon Dog:The print quality is fascinating. It's incredibly detailed and smooth, but it looks like it has been woven from a single long thread (which in a way it…
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My Uploads project is getting there.Using a Kinect, a Mindwave, Python, and OpenFrameworks to create a DIY transhumanist realisation of Moravec-style personality uploads to the extent that affordable contemporary technology allows.This is a low-resolution record of my mind (brain eeg via Mindwave) and body (a depth image/point cloud via Kinect) created using Python and played…
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