Month: November 2011

Digital Lycanthropy

Data for phases of the moon from 2000BC to 4000AD Book of Were-Wolves by S. Baring-Gould origin of the werewolf superstition de la lycanthropie ou transformation d'hommes en loups MaleficarumLatin - - La Demonomanie Des Sorcieres Discovery Of Witchcraft
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R Cultural Analytics Library Update

The R Cultural Analytics library has been updated to remove any dependency on EBImage (which in turn has a dependency on ImageMagick that complicates installation on many systems). In now uses raster images instead. This has also made the code faster.You can find the new version and installation instructions here:
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artbollocks-mode update

artbollocks-mode now calculates various text metrics: word and sentence count and several readability scores. You can access these through the mode's keymap.Download artbollocks-mode.el here:
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