Month: August 2010

Artbollocks Preflight Script

Inspired by the scripts to find weasel words, passive voice and lexical illusions from -'ve written a script to check for artbollocks in essays or reviews.;a=blob_plain;f=artbollocksTo use it, download it and add it to your PATH. Then use it like -artbollocks my-essay.txtCan anyone think of any words I've missed that should be added to it?;-)
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Blue Ant

"She pulled out a molded vinyl figure of the Blue Ant ant. [...]It had a determined smirk, the expression of a cartoon underdog fully aware of its own secret status as a superhero. Its posture conveyed that too, arms slightly bent at its sides, fists balled, feet in a martial artist's ready T-stance."- Spook Country,…
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