Month: February 2010

Why ND Is Neither Necessary Nor Sufficient To Prevent Misrepresentation

MisrepresentationOne of the greatest concerns for authors who create works of opinion and place them under alternative copyright licences is that the licence will allow their opinions or arguments to be misrepresented. The Creative Commons Attribution-No-Derivatives licence appears to protect against misrepresentation by ensuring that the author's original expression cannot be altered with the production…
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Livecoding As Realistic Artistic Practice

Realism in art is the absence of sentiment. Livecoding is writing software in public while presenting the source code and its output along with the programmer as a kind of performance. Hacking (computer programming) is usually a solitary activity and hackers (computer programmers) rarely get to hack on (program) software that they themselves will use…
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Open Source Against Free Software

"Open Source" is in danger of coming to mean corporations sharing source code in order to reduce their development costs for proprietary software incorporating that code and thereby removing the freedom of its users. Those corporations may share code with a "community" and hire people to "manage" that community, but any code shared will be…
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Movable Type 5

I've upgraded the blog to Movable Type 5.Woo!
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