Month: July 2009


The version of draw-something running on this server now has web pages for each drawing and an rss feed of the most recent drawings.Click here to see.Drawings are currently created once a day, I may increase that in future.
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Being Fair And Balanced About the NPG

ORG have commented -'s a freedom of information request answer regarding the NPG's online licencing, the revenue stream most directly threatened by Wikipedia - _from_online_rightsThe always excellent NewsGrist (required reading for art & free culture) is covering the story, and Joy Garnett makes an interesting comment below her post here - in the interest of…
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Mono’s Full Spectrum Fail

Great post that explains why Mono is bad for free software in Microsoft's own words - -Consider this: Say that Microsoft released .NET for Linux in the same manner they did for Windows. Do you think that it would enjoy the same adoption, enthusiasm and support that Mono enjoys?If you answer is not "Yes. Absolutely",…
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More NPG

Francis Davey offers another detailed legal overview, more cautious about WMF's prospects but with good advice for how they might tackle the case  - at Boing Boing gives a historical and philosophical view - it costs more to promote British culture, British culture will lose out to the competition. There's a reason why British literature…
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NPG Round-Up

People are blogging legal analyses of the NPG situation and they broadly agree with my understanding that the law in England is a mess that can be clarified by Bridgeman vs. Corel. ;-)Technollama - - Law Blog -'s important to note that the database right claim and the unauthorised access claim are apparently as flimsy…
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Mono And Patents

Mono is a bad idea even without patents. If you want a restrictive statically-typed bytecoded language from a corporation that's a sworn enemy of Free Software, at least Oracle's Java is under the GPL.The FSF explain why even Microsoft's latest charm offensive doesn't make Mono any less dangerous - Microsoft have kindly provided a timely…
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National Portrait Gallery Fail

Wikimedia Foundation's statement, correcting a few details that The Guardian and The Register have got wrong - Gerard's comments, useful for economic context - BBC, quoting Gerard - re-iterate a point I've made in the comments on this blog, the NPG is wrong both ethically and economically. They are a state-funded institution that exists to…
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Wikipedia Against Gallery Copyright Overreach For several years, the National Portrait Gallery has claimed copyright over public domain images in their possession. Wikimedia has ignored these claims, occasionally laughing. (Bridgeman v. Corel. Sweat of the brow is not creation in US law; go away.) Our official stance in this time has been "sue and be damned."So the National Portrait…
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